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I'm a 24 year old mom to twin boys. Before my sons were born I was working on getting my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Now that they're here my education is indefinitely on hold, however I still enjoy my part time job providing ABA therapy to children with Autism in a local clinical setting. Between work and being a mom I don't have much time for myself. However, when I get time to, I love: reading, cooking, quilting, and going to the beach. I cloth diaper part time, make some of my own baby food and plan to home school. I am a Bible believing Christian, and strive to do everything to the glory of my Savior, Jesus.


DJ is my 29 year old husband, and father to the twins. We have been married for three years. DJ is currently enrolled in nursing school, he is working towards his LPN degree. He works as a behavior assistant full time in a home for teenage boys with developmental disabilities and severe behavior problems. When he becomes a nurse he might like to be in the mental health field. His hobbies include: playing the guitar, playstation 3, tinkering with cars, and watching movies. He is a great dad and hard-working husband.

Max (Left):

Max, also known as Baby B, Max-Max, Maxer, Maxamo, Maximillion, Chubs, and Sweet cheeks.
Max is a sweet boy who loves to eat, smile, and  suck his thumb (preferably while inside his pacifier). He enjoys reading books and watching tv, rolling over, and stealing toys from his brother. His favorite food is yogurt, favorite book is "Blue hat, green hat" and favorite show is "The backyardigans".

Alexander (right):
Xander,  also known as Baby A, Xander-Mander, Xan-Man, Mr Mander, Alexander salamander, and squirmy. Xander is an energetic boy who love to stand, laugh, and kick his feet. He likes to listen to music, pull the dogs tails, and skip naps. His favorite food is chicken noodle soup, favorite book is "baby touch and feel" and his favorite show is also the backyardigans.

The boys were born on January 21, 2011 at 34 weeks gestation. They spent 9 days in NICU, but have had no further complications. This blog is mostly about them!