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Monday, June 27, 2011

week 21 update (a few days late)

How old? 21 weeks (5 months!!!)

What/ How have we been eating? Much much better this week. At the Wic office today Alexander weighed 13lb 12 oz and Max was 15 lbs!!! You tried blueberries and chicken this week. Sweet potatoes and carrots are still the favorite.

How's sleep? It's been ok, still sleeping through the night with the exception of waking a few times and wanting pacifiers or a pat on the head. Nap today went badly though. Mommy has a fever and has been feeling yucky and think you two might be getting one too.

What are our favorite toys? Both Max and Alexander love anything with lights and music. They like to snuggle the taggie blankets I made them last week, and absolutely adore books. We read 8 in a row today and they were sad when I stopped.

What have we been reading? Speaking of books, we've been reading mostly pooh and tigger board books, five little monkeys jumping on the bead and "frog and toad" before bed. I also carry a baby's first colors book in the diaper bag that both boys are enthralled with.

What have we been watching or listening to? The backyardigans or veggie tales are the favorite to watch lately. I think the backyardigans is really cute. We've been listening mostly to praise baby and nature sounds.

Something funny that we did: You giggly boys are always making me laugh at one thing or another. I think it's super cute when you giggle at your daddy.

Special moments with Alexander: I bought a johnny jump up for you this week. The first time in it you weren't so sure, but the second time you really liked it. You love to stand up, so I knew you would like this toy.  You are really ticklish and laugh so hard every evening when I take your clothes off for bath time. Bath time is one of your favorite parts of the day. You like to splash and splash. Grandpa Johnny entertains you big time, you love being "roughed up" by him. You're such a funny little boy. I love your personality.

Special moments with Max: The johnny jump up I initially bought for xander was actually a big hit with you. You don't really like to stand up, but you liked bouncing in the jump up. On Friday we went out to eat. You stayed awake the whole time. I think that you really wanted a cheeseburger, because you kept giving the waitress death stares. This week you started to want to touch book pages and other things. You have finally figured out the hand eye coordination thing- you can reach out and touch what you want to. You are also getting better at trying to hold your bottle. You are such a sweet sweet boy. I love to snuggle you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

21 weeks old

Sweet Boys are 21 weeks old now! It's been a busy week. I went back to work this week and missed them every second, but they had lots of fun with Daddy, Grandma and Allyson, and Grandma Rose.

Both Max and Xander have become very generous with the laughs, which are beyond adorable. Daddy is oh-so-funny in their opinion and the can be found giggling at him quite often.

Everything goes into mouths now. Hands, feet, blankets, clothes, toys, books, you name it, they try to eat it. Speaking of eating, they are superstars. They tried plums and butternut squash since I last wrote. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and carrots remain the favorites. And only Mommy-made, they won't tolerate store-bought (little divas).

They often can be found looking at each other, or perhaps attempting to sneak a nibble of one another's ear, hand, etc. Xander really likes his taggie blanket that I made him this week, and his little elephant. Max prefers the sensory ball and his rattle. Hands and feet are the most super-fun of all though.

It seems they change so much every day, and yet, when I sit down, I can't put my finger on specific changes. I guess one day I'll look at them and be like "where did my babies go?"

Xander is really into talking. He calls me "ma ma, maaa maa, MAAAMAAAAAAAAHH" until I acknowledge him. Today I was showing him how to make a rattle toy spin by moving his hand to roll it, and he lifted his other hand and copied me. I know, I know, all mommies say this, but I think my baby really is pretty smart.

Max has been trying to hold his own bottle, unfortunately he always pulls it out rather than putting it in his mouth. He'll get it soon. He went through a few days this week where he was just yelling (talking yelling, not crying) about everything. The last few days he's been more observant and less talkative. TV is his very favorite, he stares at it, even if it's not on, expecting something cool to happen. I only let them watch a few mins per day, but he is always hoping it will come on.

Sometimes they are a little frustrating when they refuse to eat, or puke a ton. But they really are wonderful  babies. They sleep well, and are so happy pretty much all the time. I'm such a lucky mom. :-)

Baby Beach Bums

It's about time. I've been promising pictures for a while.

We took the boys to the beach for their first time a few weeks back.Yes, it is a lot of work to take tiny twins to the beach, but the beach is very special to DJ and I. In some ways it's more sacred to me than any church building. It's impossible not to feel close to God as you look at the beauty that He created. The beach is where DJ and I got engaged, got married, and enjoyed many dates together. I grew up on that beach, playing in the waves, helping my dad fish, chasing crabs along the sand. Some of my fondest memories occured at the beach, and so, I really hoped the boys would like it too.

They did! They really really did. They were in awe of the sky and the waves and the sea. Xander would have jumped in if I let him, while Max was a little more cautious about the waves. I knelt down and stuck their feet in the water, we took pictures together, and just enjoyed the experience. A few days later I took them back with my mom, but it was too much for them. I think it will be a "our little family" outing for this summer, since DJ is the best help I can think of. I can't wait for all the summer memories we will all make together at the beach. I hope the boys grow up loving it as much as I do.

And as promised, delicious baby beach pictures. Can't you just imagine, the sand, baby head, sunscreen smell? Church I tell you.

Sweet beach babies

Mommy and Max

Mommy and MAx

Daddy and sweet boy Max

Daddy and giggly Max

Mommy and Hambone Xander

Mommy and Xander, enjoying God's big world

Daddy and Xander

Xan Man and DJ

family photo

beach bundles in the beach buggy

Max warm and ready to go home

Xander was bummed his beach day was over

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today the twins discovered....

their feet. And what an amazing discovery it was. Max was totally bummed he couldn't quite stretch right to get them in his mouth and Xander thought his toes were quite stunning. Back to work  for real tomorrow. Might have a panic attack over leaving them with babysitters this week, I really think they'll do better with it than me. Our schedule is set, so at least their days will be the same no matter who's here. It's only 3 days. It's only 3 days. It's 3 whole days :-(

My sweet boys are growing so much. I hope I don't miss anything.

Friday, June 10, 2011

20 weeks old

I really am going to upload first beach pictures soon. Really I will. This has been a busy week that has gone by so fast! I can't believe I go back to work for good on Tuesday. We fully enjoyed our last week home together, and I am counting down the days until the week of July 4th, I'll have off that whole week too. We've spent a lot of time getting ready for Aunt Allyson's 13th birthday, which was today. You stayed up way past your bed time and were as grumpy as all get out, but it was nice to celebrate with her. We went to the beach with her and grandma on Monday, also a grumpy day. The schedule is pretty important to stick to!You've been doing a great job with naps and bedtime, but all day is go go go. You both love to practice sitting, and play on the floor. We look at books, listen to music and play with toys. Mommy is very silly and it makes you laugh. You also enjoy hanging out in your bouncers and watching me get housework done, as long as i do so in an entertaining manner. You tried carrots this week and they are Xander's new favorite. Max likes them too, but not as much as sweet potatoes. Apples and peas are not favorites. Chicken and butternut squash are on the agenda for this week. That's about it for this week little men.Hopefully I will do better and get more pictures, videos, and details next week. Love you darlings!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We love carrots!

The boys just tried carrots and they were the biggest hit yet. Two carrot cubes, or the equivalent to two jars of baby food, and most of it was in their mouths not on their bibs. I think they might like the color orange :-) Pumpkin and butternut squash also look the same, I wonder if they'll like them too. Me and DJ both LOVE pumpkin, so I bet they will too. This house gets a little pumpkin crazy around August until Christmas. Pumpkin cake, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin candles, pumpkin candy. Just listing those things make me ready for fall. I missed the entire holiday season last year. I went into the hospital right after Halloween and was bedridden until Jan 21st when the boys came, and then missed Valentines and Easter doing the whole newborn thing. I hope we'll do something fun for fourth of July. I want to make everyday special for the boys, but I really want to be one of those moms who makes every holiday extra fun. I can't wait to celebrate everything with them and make our own family traditions.

But for now, it's summer, and I intend to soak up enough summer fun to last us until next year. We went to the beach a second time on Monday. We were all sandy and exhausted when we got home, but it was fun. Max isn't too fond of the water. Alexander can't get enough of it. I have a feeling next year I will be pulled in two different directions, with Xander saying "Lets swim, lets swim!" and Max yelling "NOOOOOOO" at the top of his lungs. At least this year we can just snuggle on the beach blanket under the shade and enjoys the sights, sounds and smells of the beach. There is no better smell in the world than baby head, covered in sunscreen and smelling like beach. Mmmmmmm.

DJ bought a little kiddy pool for the back porch. We haven't had a chance to get in yet, but I know when we do the boys will have a blast. They love bath time, so a pool with mommy outside will be the bee's knees to them. I bought them some baby floats for the big pool. Hopefully we'll make it to one soon. My mom and sister are supposed to take us swimming soon.

Hard to believe it, but Aunt Allyson is turning 13 on Friday! She is one of the boys very favorite people in the whole world. last year I threw her a slumber party at my house. The next day I remember crying my eyes out that I were never get pregnant, a week later I found out I was pregnant with you sweet boys! What a different year this turned out to be. Maybe Aunt Allyson will throw you a party when you turn 13!

As it stands, we need to make some cupcakes for her. You two enjoy sitting in your highchairs and helping mommy cook, so lets get to it little boys!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

19 weeks old.

And this week mommy is just plain exhausted. Emotionally and physically. I went back to work this week and even though it was only a few hours it broke my heart. This week I'm off but the following week I will start my regular schedule and leaving you with babysitters. The thought totally breaks my heart.

You are growing so much. Sweet potatoes are still your favorite food. You've just started to really love books. I always hoped you would, I started reading to you in NICU. I would bring books and take one of you at a time into the breastfeeding room and just snuggle you and read. You didn't care for the books of course, but since I've read to you every night since then and at playtime too you've gotten plenty of exposure. So now you both look at the pages and smile and love when I turn the pages. It is fun to watch you discover things.

Hands are your favorite toys this week. All week you've both been chewing away. If you can get a hold of each others hands you will chew on them too. Alexander, you tried to eat Max's head this afternoon.

We finally have a good schedule, but I'll post it another day.

On friday, which was the day you turned 19 weeks we took you to the beach for the first time. Pictures and video in a future post.

<3 Mommy