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Sunday, June 5, 2011

19 weeks old.

And this week mommy is just plain exhausted. Emotionally and physically. I went back to work this week and even though it was only a few hours it broke my heart. This week I'm off but the following week I will start my regular schedule and leaving you with babysitters. The thought totally breaks my heart.

You are growing so much. Sweet potatoes are still your favorite food. You've just started to really love books. I always hoped you would, I started reading to you in NICU. I would bring books and take one of you at a time into the breastfeeding room and just snuggle you and read. You didn't care for the books of course, but since I've read to you every night since then and at playtime too you've gotten plenty of exposure. So now you both look at the pages and smile and love when I turn the pages. It is fun to watch you discover things.

Hands are your favorite toys this week. All week you've both been chewing away. If you can get a hold of each others hands you will chew on them too. Alexander, you tried to eat Max's head this afternoon.

We finally have a good schedule, but I'll post it another day.

On friday, which was the day you turned 19 weeks we took you to the beach for the first time. Pictures and video in a future post.

<3 Mommy


Anonymous said...

My Alex tried to eat Benjamin's shoulder yesterday. Teething isn't fun at any age. Just wait until they're "reading". Some of my best photos of the boys are surrounded by books.

Thanks for your comment. I'll be sure to post pictures of my quilts...if I ever get to working on them.

Liz said...

Aw. I hope they had fun at the beach. We went this weekend and Zo was doggy paddling with her daddy and just having a blast!