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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Beach Bums

It's about time. I've been promising pictures for a while.

We took the boys to the beach for their first time a few weeks back.Yes, it is a lot of work to take tiny twins to the beach, but the beach is very special to DJ and I. In some ways it's more sacred to me than any church building. It's impossible not to feel close to God as you look at the beauty that He created. The beach is where DJ and I got engaged, got married, and enjoyed many dates together. I grew up on that beach, playing in the waves, helping my dad fish, chasing crabs along the sand. Some of my fondest memories occured at the beach, and so, I really hoped the boys would like it too.

They did! They really really did. They were in awe of the sky and the waves and the sea. Xander would have jumped in if I let him, while Max was a little more cautious about the waves. I knelt down and stuck their feet in the water, we took pictures together, and just enjoyed the experience. A few days later I took them back with my mom, but it was too much for them. I think it will be a "our little family" outing for this summer, since DJ is the best help I can think of. I can't wait for all the summer memories we will all make together at the beach. I hope the boys grow up loving it as much as I do.

And as promised, delicious baby beach pictures. Can't you just imagine, the sand, baby head, sunscreen smell? Church I tell you.

Sweet beach babies

Mommy and Max

Mommy and MAx

Daddy and sweet boy Max

Daddy and giggly Max

Mommy and Hambone Xander

Mommy and Xander, enjoying God's big world

Daddy and Xander

Xan Man and DJ

family photo

beach bundles in the beach buggy

Max warm and ready to go home

Xander was bummed his beach day was over

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