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Monday, June 27, 2011

week 21 update (a few days late)

How old? 21 weeks (5 months!!!)

What/ How have we been eating? Much much better this week. At the Wic office today Alexander weighed 13lb 12 oz and Max was 15 lbs!!! You tried blueberries and chicken this week. Sweet potatoes and carrots are still the favorite.

How's sleep? It's been ok, still sleeping through the night with the exception of waking a few times and wanting pacifiers or a pat on the head. Nap today went badly though. Mommy has a fever and has been feeling yucky and think you two might be getting one too.

What are our favorite toys? Both Max and Alexander love anything with lights and music. They like to snuggle the taggie blankets I made them last week, and absolutely adore books. We read 8 in a row today and they were sad when I stopped.

What have we been reading? Speaking of books, we've been reading mostly pooh and tigger board books, five little monkeys jumping on the bead and "frog and toad" before bed. I also carry a baby's first colors book in the diaper bag that both boys are enthralled with.

What have we been watching or listening to? The backyardigans or veggie tales are the favorite to watch lately. I think the backyardigans is really cute. We've been listening mostly to praise baby and nature sounds.

Something funny that we did: You giggly boys are always making me laugh at one thing or another. I think it's super cute when you giggle at your daddy.

Special moments with Alexander: I bought a johnny jump up for you this week. The first time in it you weren't so sure, but the second time you really liked it. You love to stand up, so I knew you would like this toy.  You are really ticklish and laugh so hard every evening when I take your clothes off for bath time. Bath time is one of your favorite parts of the day. You like to splash and splash. Grandpa Johnny entertains you big time, you love being "roughed up" by him. You're such a funny little boy. I love your personality.

Special moments with Max: The johnny jump up I initially bought for xander was actually a big hit with you. You don't really like to stand up, but you liked bouncing in the jump up. On Friday we went out to eat. You stayed awake the whole time. I think that you really wanted a cheeseburger, because you kept giving the waitress death stares. This week you started to want to touch book pages and other things. You have finally figured out the hand eye coordination thing- you can reach out and touch what you want to. You are also getting better at trying to hold your bottle. You are such a sweet sweet boy. I love to snuggle you!

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Liz said...

5 months? Where did the time go?