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Saturday, June 18, 2011

21 weeks old

Sweet Boys are 21 weeks old now! It's been a busy week. I went back to work this week and missed them every second, but they had lots of fun with Daddy, Grandma and Allyson, and Grandma Rose.

Both Max and Xander have become very generous with the laughs, which are beyond adorable. Daddy is oh-so-funny in their opinion and the can be found giggling at him quite often.

Everything goes into mouths now. Hands, feet, blankets, clothes, toys, books, you name it, they try to eat it. Speaking of eating, they are superstars. They tried plums and butternut squash since I last wrote. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and carrots remain the favorites. And only Mommy-made, they won't tolerate store-bought (little divas).

They often can be found looking at each other, or perhaps attempting to sneak a nibble of one another's ear, hand, etc. Xander really likes his taggie blanket that I made him this week, and his little elephant. Max prefers the sensory ball and his rattle. Hands and feet are the most super-fun of all though.

It seems they change so much every day, and yet, when I sit down, I can't put my finger on specific changes. I guess one day I'll look at them and be like "where did my babies go?"

Xander is really into talking. He calls me "ma ma, maaa maa, MAAAMAAAAAAAAHH" until I acknowledge him. Today I was showing him how to make a rattle toy spin by moving his hand to roll it, and he lifted his other hand and copied me. I know, I know, all mommies say this, but I think my baby really is pretty smart.

Max has been trying to hold his own bottle, unfortunately he always pulls it out rather than putting it in his mouth. He'll get it soon. He went through a few days this week where he was just yelling (talking yelling, not crying) about everything. The last few days he's been more observant and less talkative. TV is his very favorite, he stares at it, even if it's not on, expecting something cool to happen. I only let them watch a few mins per day, but he is always hoping it will come on.

Sometimes they are a little frustrating when they refuse to eat, or puke a ton. But they really are wonderful  babies. They sleep well, and are so happy pretty much all the time. I'm such a lucky mom. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 21 weeks! Don't worry; they'll always be your babies.