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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

6.5 months old

I am really really behind on posting! We didn't have internet for a while, and that put me behind, but really I think it would've happened anyway. Being back at work and being a mom to twins is a lot to juggle. I am so lucky that DJ is so willing to help and is able to be home with the boys while I'm at work. Come October when his classes start back, I'm not even sure what the plan is. I'd love to take the boys to work with me, but I'm not sure that I could focus with them there. We went for a short visit last week when everyone had their babies at the clinic. They seemed to like the environment and noise. I think that staying home so much is getting boring to them. I've been trying to take them out more, even if it is just to walk around Target. They like to look at things, and smile at people. And they get to smile at lots of people.  Twins are a magnet for people to stop, stare and comment on. I can't even imagine what it would be like with high-order multiples. Sometimes people are nice, or inquisitive, but sometimes they are just plain rude. Why would you ask someone how their children were conceived or if they wished they only had one child? I hope people don't continue those kind of questions when they are old enough to understand them. I recently went to my first parents of multiples meeting. Although I am so blessed to have some wise experienced mom friends (shout out to Aunt Tess, we love you!) knowing other moms of twins, and hearing that our experiences are very much alike is pretty darn cool. (Only one other mom had a pregnancy as rough as mine- out of about 10- and only one other mom had a vaginal delivery, and no one else had boy/boy twins, but the trials of having two newborns at once was something everyone understood)

But that is more than enough about mommy, I know what you're really interested in is the boys. So here goes.

You are Mr personality. Your little smile lights up a room, and you seem to make instant friends with everyone. You still hate being on your tummy, and as soon as I put you on your tummy you flip to your back, over and over and over again. You are a superstar eater, your favorite food so far has been chicken noodle soup, which I made with lots of garlic and pepper. It seems fitting that you would like things spicy :-) You are very strong , and love to stand up. You are also quite smart. You can imitate several gross motor movements and even a few sounds. You like to figure out how things work, like the spinning globe on your jumperoo. You love music and books, and enjoy turning the pages for mommy. You are still a little night owl and will keep yourself awake until your eyes are purple. Samson has become your friend, I think you feed him when  Mommy isn't looking.You are more sensitive than your brother, and get your feelings hurt. You also startle easily, and don't like to do daredevil things. Except for hanging upside down. You love to throw yourself backwards and look at the world upside down. Silly silly boy. You are such a joy and it is amazing to see you discover more about your world everyday. Unfortunately you have been sick the last few days and mommy and daddy have been worried. I hope you start feeling better soon.

You are such the sweetheart. Your newest discovery is your ability to fake cough. You think it is hilarious, and keep yourself entertained by alternating between it and all of your new sounds. You have become quite talkative over the past month, and it is very cute. You love to roll over, and have discovered how to get a hold of toys on your own, including your brother's toys; which makes him mad. You love your feet and are quite agile despite your rotund little self. You are shy, but once you get to know someone your personality really comes through. You have just started to really enjoy solids, and have become quite the bossy eater, yelling whenever the spoon does not make it to your mouth quick enough. You like sweets; bananas, yogurt, sweet potatoes. I bet you'll like ice cream one day. You love to look at books, and will often hold one up on your own and appear to be studying it. You like to be startled and often laugh out loud when you are surprised by something. You love love love tv, and will search to find one in a new room if you hear it. You bounce like a crazy boy in your jumperoo and like to watch Buddy and Samson play. Unless you are hungry you're a very happy easy-going little guy. It is such a joy to be your mommy and help you explore your surroundings.

That's all I have to write for now. New pictures coming soon.


Liz said...

Can't wait for new pictures. I bet the boys are getting big.

I have another blog now if you'd like to follow it.

Just a private blog until we're ready to announce.

Angela said...

I'd love to follow, and congratulations!!!!