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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How much is too much or too little?

I've never had a baby before these two, and I don't really remember much about what we  did with my little sister around this age. Also, I'm not that into the parenting books that I've bought, because they either seem very into attachment parenting (which is near impossible with twins- as it's based on meeting baby's needs as soon as they are expressed- twins need to learn patience from a very young age) or completely against it, suggesting that babies are on a strict schedule. I kind of do an in between method, scheduling them, but allowing for variation if they seem to need it, i.e. earlier waking times, bigger bottles, more naps. So far my babies seem fairly happy and well adjusted. Very social and thrilled to be around each other and adults, but also able to have down time alone in their swings or cribs. They're even pretty good about being taken places and eating/sleeping places other than at home. They go to bed awake, I say goodnight, and they go to sleep at night. I feel like they are eating enough, rarely have diaper rash and a generally happy babies. I say all of this to make the point that for the most part I'm pretty comfortable with the parenting job DJ and I are doing. But there are lots of things I'm not sure about too. Do they have too much down time? Should I stop swaddling them even though they seem to still need it? Should I take them out more or stay home more? Is 10 minutes of tummy time per day too little, even though they don't like it. Should I read to them at night, or should I wait until they are older and understand better? Is it too early to pray with them and tell them Bible stories? Will already talking about ABC's and shapes and things create odd little nerds? Is reinforcing cooing and trying simple imitation with them too much for this early age. Should I take them outside more, or is the sunlight bad for their little skin? I guess all parents think and worry about these things, but with two I feel like I have the chance to mess up two times as badly. What do or did you do with your 13 week old? They are only 7 weeks adjusted, and I'm not even sure of which age to go with.  Comments?


Liz said...

Oh the joys of a nervous mommy. It never goes away either. Read to them. Tell them all the bible stories you want. It's great for them to hear your voice and start understanding the complexities of the human language. Zo always loved and still does colorful books. I tried to read to her from day one and now it's part of our special time together and routine. I think when we decide to wean, we'll snuggle and read a book together to keep her mind off it. I love to get long books so that we can read a few pages everyday together.

Too much sunlight is bad for their skin, but a short time is not. They can get their vitamin D. But you're not going to harm them by going on walks, but try to keep them shaded. I'm sure they'll love all the sounds and colors and smells.

And there is nothing wrong with cute little nerds. : )

Just treat them as little people. That's all you need to do. I'm not a super crazy parent either. We've never really had a set "routine". I read her cues and we go by it. That's all a mommy can do. She is the happiest and simplest baby I know thus far (although I'm hoping it's genetic, lol).

Don't worry. You're doing great.

Anonymous said...

Reading/praying/Bible stories are always good. :-) I'll probably be doing that even when my kids are in the womb, ha ha. I'm with Liz - treat them as little people.

I'm kind of timid with giving my advice, since I don't have kids of my own, but I've been around infants/kids for as long as I can remember. So yeah...there's my disclaimer, ha ha.