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Thursday, April 14, 2011

11-12 week update

tandem bottle feeding at 11 weeks
I have been a very bad blogger lately, but thing have been super duper busy here. Alexander and Max are both double their birth weights, starting to outgrow their newborn clothes and smiling like crazy. They really watch faces and some toys now, it's so cool. And usually , when I talk to them, they grin and coo back at me. Makes a mama's heart melt. My mom got me a balloon for my birthday last Friday and they love it. Max just stares at it from his swing. They have increased their feeds from 4 oz 5 times per day (which we were at for about 5 weeks) to 5-6 oz 5 times per day. Their bedtime is 11 pm. I know it's late, but since DJ and I are such night owls, they just won't go down for the night any earlier. I try to start baths and bedtime routine before 10 though so that they are actually asleep by 11:15. And then, after that feed, they go until between 7 and 9. Sometimes one of them will wake up because of spitting up and they will cry for 10-15 minutes, but they go back to sleep. And speaking of bed, on Sunday they moved into their nursery!!! They were getting to big to fit into the same bed, so we moved them to their own beds (only about 1 and 1/2 feet from each other) in their own room. And they seem to really like the bedtime routine and sleeping in their own room. They go down after story and prayer time without a fuss. When I watch them on the video monitor I see them look around for a while and then go to sleep within 15 minutes. I have been lucky enough to have help from family. When DJ is at work (which he is a lot)  either his mom or my mom or dad come over. Some nights my mom and dad come over and bring my little sister. The boys love their grandmas, grandpa johnny, and aunt Allyson. But they love mommy and daddy the most!! They still enjoy swinging, going for walks in the stroller, and laying naked on the play mat. I still love cloth diapering, although with formula the diapers are a lot stinkier. Stopping pumping was really hard physically and emotionally for me, but now I so appreciate the extra time I get to spend with my little boys. Last weekend and this weekend DJ has off, which has been super-wonderful. The boys are happiest when he is around (probably because I am happiest when he is around) And speaking of happy, I am. Happy. Happy that God has blessed my life with the three best boys in the world. I am so blessed to have my boys with me.

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Justine said...

I'm so glad that you're happy. :-) I love reading the updates and watching the videos - Max and Zander are so adorable!!