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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cloth Diaper Reviews

Yesterday I began to cloth diaper. While I by no means have become an expert or even proficient yet, here are my feelings on the subject:

Harder than disposables? A little. I probably spend about 30 minutes extra per day rinsing, stuffing, and laundering diapers (they take about 3 hours though, start to finish in the laundry) As for actually putting them on, I'm sure they will become just as easy as disposables. Taking them off is the same. Using cloth wipes is a little more tricky, as really, there is nothing like a nice disposable baby wipe. However, the diaper spray that I have bought along with the wipes get them really clean, and they like having their butts sprayed. I may make my own diaper spray when I run out to save money.

Brand preference? I bought three different brands; Bumgenius 4.0, Fuzzibunz, and Thirsties duo wraps with thirsties hemp prefolds. So far Bumgenius are by far my favorite, they fit great and are super easy to put on. They contain large poopies and are super soft. They are also a little more trim than the Fuzzibunz. The fuzzibunz are very similar to the Bumgenius, but they don't fit quite right around the boys waists. Also they are bulkier and the snaps are a little more confusing. And the come with some very annoying adjustable elastic that takes forever to adjust, however, this might increase the likelihood of a better fit later on. Fuzzibunz have contained poopies well and are easy to rinse out, but Alexander leaked out of one ( he did this with disposables that were too big as well) The thirsties prefolds were expensive and didn't necessarily hold up well in the wash- lots of strings coming out. However, they are very soft and don't leave elastic marks on the babies legs. I fasten them with snappis fasteners and cover with a thirsties cover. The thirsties cover has the best and trimmest fit of all, but the whole system is a little more work. I'm not sure how absorbency is, as we've only used them for one change so far.


Bumgenius 4.0

Thirsties duo wrap
Diaper spray

Snappis diaper fastener
Other thoughts on cloth diapering? I'm loving the money I'm saving and feeling pretty good about not filling up the landfills with two times the diapers. It might be the honeymoon period, but I am pretty pleased with deciding to do this. The diapers do make their butts look huge, and some of their smaller clothes don't fit over them, however this doesn't negate the good aspects. I'll update again in a few weeks after I've had more of a chance to get used to this. So far so good!

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Samantha said...

So far I've only tried gdiapers (I bought them at a consignment sale for my sister-I bought NEW inserts though) and I'm not too big on them. Truitt seems to pee out of them all of the time even though I change him at least every 2 hours. I'm wanting to try Kawaii since they're so cheap to see if I like them and if I do then go for the more expensive ones! I've also heard you can easily make your own diaper sprayer for less than $10 and there are lots of youtube videos on how to!