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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cloth diapers, sleep, and everything in between

After several days cloth diapering, I really like it. I mean really really. The boys seem to be doing fine with it and even DJ has gotten in on the action (although I am still the one who rinses the poop out of dirty diapers). The bumgenius are still my favorite, and we ordered another six of them. I really like the thirsties system too. The fuzzibunz are still just ok. We haven't had anymore leaks with any of them, which is pretty amazing because my boys are really good at dirtying diapers.

Sleep is slowly getting better. We have added formula in each bottle, and at night they get a bottle of formula mixed with breastmilk instead of water. This mixture lets them go to be around 10 and sleep until around 4 or 5. Then another bottle of the same mixture gets them to around ten am. After several nights of letting them cry it out, they now actually have been going to sleep at bedtime (woohoooooo, that was a really hard couple of weeks when they stayed up allll night)

Pumping is still going pretty well since I started doing it less often, but the WIC counselor says I will dry up if I continue to pump only, which means we have been back to trying to breastfeed. After weeks on the bottle the boys are not a fan, so I just let them use me as a pacifier after they are full. Seems to be working ok.

To keep from getting diaper rash I have been giving them daily "naked time" so their little bottoms can air out. The absolutely LOVE it. It is funny to see them moving all about and chewing on each others arms and feet.

I am going back to work in about a month. Although I realllllly miss my big boys and look forward to going back to them, I am going to miss these little guys so much, it's going to be hard to go back. It will be worth it to get to keep DJ home on the weekends though. The 48 shifts he's been doing have been brutal. I am just thankful that my parents, sister and his mom have been willing to help .It takes a true servant's heart to come over and give up sleep on a weekend to help with fussy babies.

Well, that's life for now. The boys have their two month appointment on Friday, so the 9week update will have information from that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recent comments on my posts. I am so glad you are doing better. It sounds like you are over the initial hump with having twins.

I wanted to try cloth diapering but knew it would be a battle with one and then we had twins. I knew it wasn't ever going to happen. I hate thinking of the money (just dropped $98 yesterday!) and impact on the environment.

I'm glad they are sleeping better. Sounds like you are on the right track. Please don't beat yourself up over breastfeeding. I hated it and my DH pretty much forced me to continue. It was not good for me or our marriage. Alex was bottle-fed from 1 month on and Benjamin was exclusively from birth. I had supply issues so they were on formula from birth also. Pumping can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Can't wait to see how they're growing.

LizE And Zoƫ said...

I just wanted to say... althought reading your most previous post and saw that you had to stop pumping, what your WIC counselor said is absolutely incorrect. EP'ing (express pumping) will not cause you to eventually dry up. I ep'ed for 8 months and made more than what she needed daily. Making milk is based upon emptying the breast completely or as best possible. It's a supply and demand thing. As long as you are demanding it, supply will still be there. There are many more factors that cause supply to dry up like return of fertility/pregnancy/hormonal imbalance. The only major difference between bf'ing and ep'ing would be that the birth control aspect of bf'ing is not as effective when you are ep'ing b/c there is no direct stimulation through the babies mouth/saliva.