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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Twin must haves: 2-4 month list

I believe it is time for another "must-have" list of items that I wouldn't want to be without.

First would for sure be swaddling blankets. I know I know, we still swaddle them? YES! If we didn't they would stay up allll night, as it is they sleep 8-10 hours straight. I'll swaddle them as long as they need it. I do give them a chance ever week or two without it to see how they do, and their verdict is always keep swaddling. Because regular receiving blankets dont work for us anymore, we wrap them in  large stretchy blankets, made from some jersey bedsheets fomr our king size bed. Then, they get wrapped in some home-made miracle blankets, made from the same sheets. And after that I just roll them up in one more stretchy blanket that we have been using since they were born. The three layers keep their little arms in, and keep them warm.

Next is Colic Calm. You can buy this product form Amazon, but I also found it at my local CVS. The boys have tummy issues and this stuff fixes them right up, no mater what the tummy trouble. It's all natural and homeopathic. However, it does have vegetable charcoal in it, which can stain clothes and makes their bowel movements really dark.

We still love everything from our last list. Except the breast pump (because we had to switch to formula) Formula is not as much work as exclusively pumping, but it is time consuming. Our favorite formula items are a 2 gallon pitcher and an immersion blender. That way I can mix the formula all in one big batch. Much much better than shaking individual bottles until your arms almost fall off!

Our new favorite bottles are the DR. Browns bottles. Max won't eat from anything else. Xander isn't as picky, so we still use our Avent and playtex dropins. Dr Browns bottles do not travel well. I love the playtex dropins for travel. I just fill a bottle with warm-hot water and then when it is time for them to eat pour in a premeasured amount of formula from our formula dispenser.

Carseats have become my best friends. I used to feed the boys on a boppy, but they don't fit in it together anymore. So I set them in their carseats, which still have infant head rests in them, and *wal-lah* a perfect posture for feeding. I just set them next to each other and feed.  That's not the only reason I love their carseats. The bases make putting them in the van super simple, and fit great with our tandem stroller.

The boys really enjoy playtime, and these mats from Sams are wonderful. We have 16 squares for now, but plan to buy another 16 when the boys get mobile.

The boys bouncers are Fisher Price infant to Toddler rockers. We move them all over the house so the boys can be with us. They love the vibrating feature and also the toy attachments. I also hung links on the toy bar, which the boys like to grab and put in their mouths.

The bonnets I made are perfect for keeping sun out of their little eyes. You can purchase them here. 

The last thing on the list is their room. They LOVE their room, and I think it's pretty awesome too. The pictures are fun to look at. The curtains block out light, and they are very fond of the rocketship pattern. The lava lamp and ipod (stocked with 11 hours of waves and rain sounds) make the perfect soothers. The Motoral  video monitor that is above where the picture was taken from gives us a visual of what's going on. The breathable bumpers and toy bars on the rails of the cribs are also nice features. Since we have so little space, under the cribs are a great place to store boppys and blankets. And our little bookshelf houses a great library of children's books that we enjoy reading together.

So there it is, our list of must haves for months 2-4. What do you HAVE to have for your little one?


Samantha said...

I am glad the colic calm worked for you... all it did for T was make him drool black!

Tricia @ How Sweeter It Is said...

Great idea to post about mom's must-haves! Pregnant people are always wondering what they really need to buy and what are just gimmicks.

I can totally second those newborn-to-toddler rockers. That is how I showered every day for my daughter's first 8 months. Then she started lunging forward and it wasn't safe unless I could be really watching her. But now she is 2 years old and she still loves that rocking chair!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lexie Lane said...

What a beautiful nursery. I truly admire moms who have twins because sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out with just one!

Have a great rest of the week!

Lexie Lane