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Friday, February 11, 2011

3 weeks old

Today you two are three weeks old. Wow. I can't believe it! You are already changing so much. This week you "graduated" from the NICU diapers they sent us home with. You are now wearing the newborn diapers that we got at baby showers. I admit, I almost cried when I opened the package and saw elmo on the diaper. Up until now your diapers have just been plain, with no characters or anything. It just felt to me like your were big boys in big boy diapers. And you graduated from the tiny breastmilk storage bottles that we have fed you with since birth. They only hold 80 milliliters. And sometimes you eat 90-100, so we moved up to 4 oz bottles, that are admittedly as big as your heads. I think I'll cry when you move past those. (Although I might have to soon, because sometimes I have to stop pumping earlier than 15 minutes  so that I don't overfill them- speaking of which, we have quite the store of breastmilk going on!) And, this one is really crazy, today was the last day you'll be wearing your monkey outfits, because you're getting too tall. You've outgrown something! Not to worry though, all of the other preemie clothes fit you, and you still swim in newborn clothes. I think in the next few weeks we might get to move up though.

You started out this week with a photoshoot in your monkey outfits. Miss Jeanie did such a great job taking pictures of all the cute things you do!
Today, you had your second Doctors appointment, and I'm so proud of you! Alexander, you now weigh 4lbs15 oz and Max, you weigh 5lbs 6.8 oz! Time at home and mommy's milk seems to be doing you both some good! Now, if only you could stop vomitting up what we feed you, I'm sure you'll be chubby in no time. (Your doctor wanted me to put rice cereal in your bottle to help you stop spitting up. One of many things Mommy is going to have to tell the Doctor no about- at least she was fairly nice about accepting it) We have tilted your crib mattress and try to hold you upright as long as possible after eating to help you not spit up. I think maybe your bellies just have to get a little older and bigger. In the meantime, could we keep the projectile puke to a minimum (or save it for daddy!?) We tried out the moby wrap at the Doctor's office today. You both fussed getting in, but were very happy and content one situated. Mommy was happy too- what a break for her aching back!! The ladies at the doctors office thought you were so cute that they asked to take your picture. You are very cute. Just check out some of these pictures Miss Jeanie took of you!

Max and Alexander
Sweet Brothers
Mommy love you!
My tiny boy
Whatcha worried about Max?


May God bless you, my sweet boys.



Stephanie said...

They are SO precious! I'm almost at a loss for words...

LizE And Zoë said...

Zoë had TERRIBLE reflux. Keeping her elevated when she slept worked wonders at night and made this mama sleep a little easier. We did eventually have to put her on Zantac (around 3 months) which helped so so so much. My doc never even suggested rice-cereal. With how little they are I would be very leary of adding cereal into their diets yet. Great job for speaking your mind mama! But I can honestly say... it WILL get better! Around 5 months was the worst, but then 6 months showed up and no more reflux. We do still get bouts of random vomitting, but nothing like it used to be.

Hang in there!