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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I feel like singing "happy birthday"

Today you two are 37 weeks. You are now considered term babies! In just a few more week I can start treating you like it. But for now, our preemie schedule is rather rigid. (I tell you boys, those NICU nurses scared mommy good, she doesn't want to do anything to hurt your development or growth.) We are on about a four hour schedule. We start with eating. Sometimes this takes one of you 15 minutes and the other an hour. We feed you, burp you, change your diapers, wipe your spit up, usually change your clothes because of the spit up, then change your diaper again because you pooped while we were cleaning the spit up, soothe the hiccups you both inevitably get, swaddle you tight and put you in your crib. If you are very sleepy you fall asleep, and sleep very hard. If you are awake you wiggle and roll about until your arms are free of your swaddle. Then you play with your hands and wack yourself in the face and stay awake for a little while. (which totally throws off the schedule) Once you are both in bed, Mommy pumps your next meal, plus a bottle or so for the freezer. Then Mommy and Daddy usually have about 2 or 2.5 hours to sleep, eat, shower, or do whatever they need to do. And then my dear little ones, whoever fell asleep like a good boy last time wakes up and we start all over (usually having to wake the other little guy up, since he started his nap late.) Right now you are both sound asleep. Daddy is too. Mommy might should be, but with a whopping total of 5 hours of sleep last night (not in a row of coarse) Mommy is feeling rather chipper.

You have been home for a week now. It has taken a lot of getting to know you to get things to run smoothly. Right now you both have such distinct personalities. They may change later, but right now:

Alexander: You are pretty easy going , unless we are cleaning you. I can't decide if this is because you like to be dirty, or just because you hate getting cleaned. And bodily functions. You get seriously angry when you sneeze little man, it's quite funny to me and daddy. Just like you shooting poopoo at your daddy was funny last night. You usually wake up second, but finish eating your bottle first. Most of the time you are ready to wake up by the end of feeding time. You lay wide eyed in bed, just taking in the world. You are so handsome and sweet my little one, I wish I could just sit and hold you all day everyday!

Max: You are the momma's boy. You fuss over being dirty, and being cleaned, and being held wrong. And when you are about to puke, which is quite often. You are less of a hazard doing diaper changes. You usually keep things polite, between you and your diaper. You always wake up first, and are very demanding about being fed, in the right position, at the right temperature, with the right bottle nipple. If we get it right you are very pleased and eat like a champ. You are usually sound asleep by the end of feeding time (all that demanding gets tiring) and when mommy bundles you, for the most part you stay good and bundled. You are a little snuggler, preferring to be on your belly against mine or daddy's chest. We both have such a hard time putting you in your crib. Oh, and you like your pacifier. You usually wake up at least once and are consoled back to sleep by it.

You both are such blessings to me and Daddy, we just stand over your crib and marvel at how beautiful and precious you are to us. You both love each other, you usually try to scoot closer to each other in bed when we put you down. Yesterday you had your pictures taken and enjoyed snuggling naked together a little too much; you got mad about being dressed back up!

We have about a week left where it's just you guys, me and daddy. He has to go back to work, and boy are we going to miss him. Anyway ya'll could learn to nurse together by then, so we can keep you feeding on the same schedule? You work on that, and I'm gonna go work on eating and cleaning up your room. I love you little boys.

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LisaL said...

SO sweet. They sound like sweet little handfuls :)
And I lol'd at the shooting poop at the daddy part. Hilarious!